Charging your mobile device in a Znap!

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No, that’s not a typo. We’ve come across a highly user friendly way to charge your mobile device, and it’s simplicity will leave you wondering why no one has invented it sooner. Allow us to introduce to you the Znapz.
Consumer battery and charging technology R&D has somewhat lagged behind in comparison to the improvements in other technologies such as storage and processing power, however occasionally something comes along that surprises us.

Ever since the 2009 agreement between mobile phone manufacturers to switch to universally using the micro-USB connection as a charging and data connection, charging your phone has been a relative breeze. However the wildly successful Canadian Kickstarter project Znapz has taken micro-USB charging to the next level with a product of the same name for an irresistibly cheap price.

What is the Znapz you ask? Basically in a nutshell it is a product to easily retrofit almost any mobile device with a connector similar to the Apple MagSafe charger on current MacBooks.
How it works is a tiny non-obtrusive male micro-USB connector plugs into your mobile device (or lightning connector if you’re an iPhone user), and a small attachment with a female micro-USB goes on the end of your existing charging cable. Now with the click of a magnet your mobile device is charging.

This is a fantastic benefit for you and phone, as you can connect your phone to charge with haste if you’re in a hurry, even with one hand! It can also improve the lifespan of both your phone and the cable. If the cable is accidentally knocked/yanked from the phone, there’s less chance of damage to the micro-USB connection (such as bent connectors, broken logic boards, etc), which on some devices can be expensive and difficult to replace. The connection is also waterproof, adding extra protection from splash damage. The Znapz still allows for data syncing, so no functionality is lost at all. But one of the simplest, but most handy benefits is that the connection is reversible – meaning that you will never plug the cable in the wrong way ever again!

The Znapz is still available from their website and will be shipping early next year. Who knows, you may just see this product appear eventually at the new Eastland Shopping Centre (Eastland & Co) and other shops so you’ll be able to avoid shipping costs. Here at PC Medic, we’re excited to test out this technology for ourselves! As always if you have questions or issues about your mobile device, don’t hesitate to drop us a call or email.