PC to Apple Data Transfer & Upgrade Melbourne

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Upgrading from PC to MAC?

Are you moving from PC to Apple? PC Medic can take care of all your PC to Apple data transfer of Photos, Emails and even your PC Applications.. We can even move your entire PC to your Apple Mac so you can keep all your programs, data and settings in a Virtual PC environment. Bring your existing PC and your Mac to PC Medic and let us make the transition easy!

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  • Keep all your data.
    Pictures, Music, Documents. We’ll ensure they are all there and ready for you.
  • Applications
    If you want the best of both PC and Mac, we can do that! We can even transfer all your PC applications, data and settings. You can’t go wrong!
  • Move your data to iCloud
    We can move all your transferred data to iCloud and it will be there to be enjoyed on all your Apple devices like your iPad and iPhone.
  • Setup
    Apple Products are easy to use generally, however if you need assistance in the setup and configuration, then bring your Mac to one of our service centres.
  • Backup Systems
    Sure, you have iCloud with Apple, but you should also be using another backup service, locally and you should consider other cloud backup and storage solutions. PC Medic can setup any cloud service of your choice and ensure it is fully operational.


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Apple Macbook Pro Repairs Melbourne. Apple Data Recovery.