WordPress business contact page and form


Does your site need a great contact form and contact details page? You don’t have to have both, we can do one or the other just in case you have an online only presence.


Having a clear and easy to read contact page is important for all businesses and organisations. It could be as simple as a fully functional easy to use contact form your visitors can complete or both a form, contact details with your location for those with a physical address.

– Create a new or use an existing contact page.
– Includes a contact form with basic data collection like Name, Email, Phone and a field for a note/request. 5 general fields typically.
– We can put your contact information in part or all, such as phone number, a physical address and a basic map if needed.
– Add a single new menu item linking to your contact page if not present.
– Finally we’ll test any form to ensure you receive the form information directly to your email.
– More complex contact pages that are not covered by the above will require us to quote.