Apple has almost finished building a space ship

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So, the title is far fetched, but Apple are building something big. Massive one would say. Its their new HQ, known as Apple Campus 2. Its referred to as ‘the spaceship’ due to its large doughnut shaped structure and large impact its made on the landscape. Here is some of the more notable features known to date.

  • Apple aims to make the building self sufficient when it comes to power. Onsite electricity generation from solar seems to be their main source.
  • There will be 7000 trees around the campus. Looks like they couldn’t wait for them to grow as photos have emerged of massive trees being trucked in and planted.
  • Most spaces will be made green spaces and all designed so minimal heating or cooling will be required.
  • The project was intended to cost $3 billion dollars, but its shaping up to be over $5 billion dollars and still counting. Considering Apple has cash reserves well beyond $200 billion, so this should be no issue.
  • A large amount of the building resides underground
  • There will be many kilometers of cycling, walking and running tracks
  • 1000 bikes will be onsite for staff to utilise
  • The building will house 13,000 Apple employees

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