Tesla PowerWall – Run Your Home on a Battery

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tesla powerwall renewable energy storage made easy

The acclaimed electric car manufacturer Tesla – founded by wildly successful entrepreneur Elon Musk – has recently released their latest development; not for the road, but for the home – the Tesla PowerWall. Here at PC Medic, we’re huge fans of Tesla and the ideal they are trying to achieve – high performance devices such as electric road vehicles at competitive consumer level prices; and the PowerWall is no different.

The concept is relatively straightforward: light from the Sun is collected via solar panels and transformed into electrical power – standard stuff – however where the PowerWall comes into play is the energy harvested from the Sun is then stored in high-capacity liquid-cooled lithium ion batteries. The collected energy is then fed back into the home after nightfall to reduce the building’s dependence on mains electricity when there is of course no solar light to generate more power. The PowerWall is so powerful, that in the case of a total power outage, it can continue to provide energy to the house (or selected appliances) for a limited time, much like an office UPS – but on a much larger scale.

The actual aesthetics of the PowerWall itself is very crisp and streamlined, and is physically no larger than an average surf body board (albeit thicker in depth). The polished casing is rated for both interior and exterior installation, opening up multiple options for being retrofitted into most homes (by certified electricians), meaning that it isn’t limited new home developments or requires renovations. Another excellent ability is that the capacity is stackable – meaning you can have multiple PowerWall batteries working together in unison for homes with higher energy requirements.

Here at PC Medic, we’re very excited to see how home batteries will develop now and in the near future, and how this could spur on greater R&D into battery technology. If you’re interested in learning more about the PowerWall or even having your own home battery, check out the Australian PowerWall webpage. Also – if your having issues with the other batteries in your life – we’re of course always happy to help, so give us a call or drop in to one of our PC Medic stores.