Apple Repairs Melbourne for the MacBook Pro, MacBook Air and iMac

Apple repairs on MacBook Pro, MacBook Air’s, and iMacs. We’ve been performing Apple Repair Services in Melbourne for over 16 years with many thousands of happy customers. We repair all Apple issues such as system crashes (with spinning wheel), failure to turn on, failed macOS updates, insufficient storage space, slow speed issues (we can speed up your MacBook or slow iMac), Data Recovery, cracked and broken screen and display replacements, and more. If you require priority service, let us know in-store and we can usually start the service the same day! No booking is required; you can visit the PC Medic service center Monday to Friday in Ringwood.

Apple Repairs and Apple Services

MacBook Pro, iMac, and Apple Data Recovery repairs, upgrades and general service. (Sorry, no iPhone or iPad repairs)

  • MacBook Pro and MacBook Air not turning on, not powering on/power issues. Not booting issues. Faulty Battery.
  • Slow MacBook start-up and boot times can be fixed through MacOS optimisations and Hardware upgrades like drive upgrades to SSD (faster, more reliable and stable). MacBook freezing issues fixed with ease.
  • iMac Repairs and Upgrades. iMac Display replacement.
  • Apple MacBook Pro Liquid Damage / Liquid Spill Repair.
  • Apple Data Recovery from your MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, iMac, Mac Mini and more.
  • MacBook Pro faulty Keyboard and Trackpad repair
  • MacBook Display Replacement for cracked or damaged display
  • All MacOS operating system versions repaired. MacOS Sierra, High Sierra, Mojave and Catalina, and BigSur. Virus removal, slow, update to newer versions, we have you covered.
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Easy Steps for Computer Repairs &
Data Recovery. Service Centre located in Ringwood, Melbourne.

1. Visit our Service Centre

No booking required. Located in Ringwood, Melbourne. Eastland Shopping Centre is 150 meters away.

2. Diagnostics & Quote

Diagnostics are completed promptly followed by contacting you to provide a no obligation quote.

3. Repair & Collection

Once the quote is accepted, we promptly complete the service. We’ll contact you for collection. All major cards and cash accepted.

Frequently Asked Questions

When can you work on my MacBook?

Most Apple MacBook Pro’s, Air’s and iMacs we can start the diagnostics the same day you book in.

How long will my Apple service take to complete?

Great question! Most services are completed same to next three days, however some more complicated repairs and services may take longer. After we do an assessment / diagnostics on your Mac we will quote you and inform you as close as possible the time it will take to repair. Let us know when you come in if you need priority and we’ll do our best to assist.

Will you provide a quote before servicing my computer?

Absolutely. We will make sure we discuss with you the cost of any service so you have the opportunity to make an informed decision. In some circumstances we can provide a quote at our service desk prior to booking in, but keep in mind that computer repairs can be complex so often we’ll need to assess in our workshop first.

My MacBook isn’t booting or turning on, how can I get my data before I bring it in for a service?

When you book in your repair in store please let us know if the data is important to you. We will never delete your data, however if your computer has a fault related to the storage in your computer then you may require a data recovery service. For non booting or not turning on Macs we can provide a data recovery service as well as a repair service.

Apple MacBook Pro, MacBook Air and iMac Services Melbourne.

When it comes to repairs, upgrades, and general service for your Apple computers, you can count on professional assistance for MacBook Pro, iMac, and Apple Data Recovery. Whether you are facing hardware issues or software glitches, experienced technicians are available to address your concerns. From diagnosing the problem to finding the most suitable solution, they can ensure that your MacBook Pro or iMac is up and running smoothly.

In case you encounter any data loss or mistakenly delete important files, the specialists can also assist you with Apple Data Recovery. With their expertise, they can attempt to retrieve lost data from various storage devices, providing you with peace of mind and a chance to recover the valuable information you may have thought was gone forever.

Please note that while we specialise in MacBook Pro, iMac, and Apple Data Recovery services, we do not offer repairs for iPhones or iPads. For issues related to your iPhone or iPad, it is recommended to reach out to authorized Apple service providers or visit an Apple Store.

Rest assured that with our comprehensive range of services, you can rely on the expertise of the professionals to handle your Apple computer needs effectively. So, if you are facing any troubles with your MacBook Pro, iMac, or need assistance with Apple Data Recovery, don’t hesitate to seek their support. They are committed to providing reliable solutions and ensuring the optimal performance of your Apple devices.

Remember, whenever you encounter any issues with your MacBook Pro, iMac, or require Apple Data Recovery services, the PC Medic experts are here to help.