Laptop Repairs Melbourne

Laptop Repairs and Upgrades

  • Laptop Repairs Melbourne
    Our service centres in Melbourne carry parts for all major brands. HP Repairs, Asus Repairs, Acer Repairs, Dell Repairs, Apple Repairs, Lenovo Repairs, Toshiba Repairs and more.
  • Cracked Screen.
    If you have a Laptop, Notebook or Ultrabook with a cracked screen, PC Medic can provide a new LCD display. Same day is even possible.
  • Laptop liquid spills fixed!
    If you spill any liquid on your laptop keyboard, be sure to stop using it immediately to prevent further liquid damage. Head to our service centre and we’ll promptly start the clean up and liquid damaged laptop repair process
  • Laptop Hard Disk Drive Data Recovery.
    We can recover data from any Laptop Hard Drive, even if it is a SSD (Solid State Drive). Professional Data Recovery technicians with the latest recovery technology means you have the best chance of getting your data back
  • Laptop Power / Laptop Not turning on
    When your Laptop isn’t turning on or your Laptop has no power, PC Medic can repair any power issues, from your laptop DC jack being faulty or where your motherboard is faulty, we will fix it
  • Laptop Overheating Problems
    If your laptop cooling is not sufficient, your laptop will overheat. Symptoms of laptops overheating can be confused with other problems, like slow laptop performance, applications crashing or slow, your laptop suddenly turns off and worse, it can lead to damage to your laptop’s components.
  • No booking required, visit the PC Medic service centre for your laptop service.

Easy Steps for Computer Repairs &
Data Recovery. Service Centre Located in Ringwood, Melbourne.

1. Visit our Service Centre

No booking required. Central Ringwood. Train / Bus station & Eastland Shopping Centre only 200 meters away.

2. Diagnostics & Quote

Diagnostics are completed promptly followed by contacting you to provide a no obligation quote.

3. Repair & Collection

Once the quote is accepted, we promptly complete the service. We’ll contact you for collection. Credit Cards or Cash accepted.