Windows 10 Upgrades and Repairs

Windows 10 Upgrades made Easy at PC Medic.

  • PC Medic are the experts at repairing your Windows 10 Upgrade or Installation. We also can prepare your computer for receiving the Free Windows 10 upgrade if you are Running Microsoft Windows 7 or Windows 8. Windows 10 will run on most systems without any issues, however if you come across any Windows 10 Installation issues with drivers, compatibility or loss of data, PC Medic can provide prompt repair solutions. Same day express Windows repairs are available.Please note that the Windows 10 upgrade will use around 2GB or more of your downloads when it is available. If you have limited downloads or bandwidth from your Internet Service Provider, have PC Medic complete the upgrade for your and save your downloads
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Windows upgrade and installation common issues

  • You computer will not boot after a Windows update. Windows receives many updates, however on occasions these updates may cause your computer to no longer boot and cause a restart loop. PC Medic can fix failed Windows update issues such as your computer no booting to the desktop, driver issues and more.
  • Slow Computer once Windows 10 is installed. This is not uncommon, however it’s most likely other problems relating to your hardware that are causing this issue. PC Medic can do advanced diagnostics to fix your sluggish computer. You may just need an upgrade such as an SSD hard drive to speed up your computer.
  • Windows 10 upgrade will not complete, returns an error code or crashes. PC Medic can repair / fix a failed Windows 10 upgrade / installation.
  • Windows 10 Graphics/Video is not working properly. Display movement is jittery or freezes.
  • Sound isn’t working after Windows 10 installed or upgraded
  • Some of my applications will no longer run.
  • Missing Applications or Missing Data and/or Documents after the Windows 10 upgrade. PC Medic can recover the missing data or recovery the photos and documents.

Easy Steps for Computer Repairs &
Data Recovery. Service Centre located in Ringwood, Melbourne.

1. Visit our Service Centre

No booking required. Located in Ringwood, Melbourne. Eastland Shopping Centre is 150 meters away.

2. Diagnostics & Quote

Diagnostics are completed promptly followed by contacting you to provide a no obligation quote.

3. Repair & Collection

Once the quote is accepted, we promptly complete the service. We’ll contact you for collection. All major cards and cash accepted.