Business Email can be a minefield of problems, here are some tips to fix them

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Running a business can be hard enough, let alone having to juggle what should be easy and straight forward process such as managing your business emails and email systems. Email hasn’t changed a lot over the years since its inception and still has many issues that most are familiar with or don’t even realise they have. We’ll do our best to cover all the problems that businesses often experience.

Here are some of the most common issues

  • A huge choice or email clients that are installed locally on your computer or phone. Most store your emails in various formats, some proprietary.
  • Secure backup of your emails. Do you know if your emails are stored on your computer in full or are they on your providers server? If they are stored locally, do you have a backup in case your computer, phone or iPad fails?
  • Internet Service Providers still supply email accounts for their customers that they host using their servers and domain. Think or as examples. The reason they do this may be to keep you as a customer so you don’t loose your email address. Actually, it is the reason ISP’s supply email accounts they host.
  • Still no specific standards to cover things like attachment size for files, spam triggers for removal or marking as spam
  • SPAM – it is a huge problem for most people and yet there are some great solutions to combat most of the SPAM you receive. Read on for details.
  • Web Mail, so many choices, so many different web interfaces that vary a lot between providers
  • Business Email security and privacy. Some providers actually use the contents of your emails to sell to advertisers so you can be targeted with specific advertising. Un patched servers where your email maybe stored can possibly be hacked leaving you vulnerable to all sorts of scams and ID theft issues.
  • If you have a domain name for email and your website, such as you may not realise that your domain can easily be black listed on a plethora of SPAM filter services, making it hard to communicate with others via email. Add to that incorrect DNS configuration can be problematic for SPAM filters as well. We’ll touch more on this in future posts.

The upshot is that Business Email is important. I don’t think there would be too many businesses (or any) that can escape the use of email and it will be here to stay in its various forms for quite some time.

Over the coming weeks we’ll do posts covering each of the above points on how you can be sure you and your business don’t get caught out. Simple mistakes can be costly and worse, reputation damaging.

If you or your business would like us to review your business email systems and what can be done to make massive improvements to your email setup, get in touch. We’ve transformed may business email systems into email systems that work great, increase productivity, secure and will continue well into the future with little to no fuss. Use our contact page to call us for a chat or even come in store during business hours.