Should I buy a new laptop or repair and upgrade my existing one?

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This is the question we get asked all the time here at PC Medic and to cut a long story short we often find that repair is the way to go! However there are certainly times that we recommend it is time to place the old laptop in e-waste and buy new. Lets get into it and work out if it is time to buy new.

Lets cover some important points in detail. Lets start with the reasons to keep and have repaired and/or upgraded.

Things to consider when determining if to keep you current laptop and get it repaired or upgraded.

  • First work out just how old the computer is. If your laptop is 5 years or less in age then there is a high chance you should keep your laptop. In the 5 to 10 years of age if the specifications were medium to high end at the time of purchase then it is still definitely a candidate to keep. A repair and upgrade to these models will provide speedy performance and around 3 to 5 years of extra life.
  • You have your computer setup just the way you like it, all the software you bought and setup is working fine and your computer is just slow, then you really should keep your computer and bring it to us at PC Medic to see what we can do to speed it up. It might just need a small upgrade to turn it into a speed responsive computer.
  • If you computer is in good condition physically and meets the above criteria then keep it. Often we come across customers computers that may just have some dust, dirt, scratch’s and even minor dints and all that is fine after all a bit of a clean will make it look great. We can provide some advice to safely clean your MacBook and Windows laptop screen, keyboard and touch pad.
  • Speed issues are generally related to how long the computer takes to boot, log in and be ready to use and how fast applications and browsers open. If it feels just sluggish or even ridiculously slow then it could just be a lack of memory and/or time to upgrade to snappy Solid State Drive. With this upgrade you can expect to get a computer that feels as snappy as most new computers.
  • Your computer isn’t lasting long on the battery, certainly no where near what it was from new. Once again if your Apple MacBook or Windows laptop was giving you a decent runtime from your battery when it was new then keep your laptop and come see us about getting a new battery fitted. Batteries do have limited lifespans from new that typically range from 3 to 8 years depending on brand and sometimes luck.

Reasons to buy new

  • You are going to change how you used your laptop that may require faster graphics processing and CPU. For example you have decided you want to become a creator on Youtube and edit 4k footage (not likely but hey, you may wish to embark on a new side hustle) then generally most computers people own are not really up to this task and it could be time to buy new. Note, if you have a computer that was bought in the last 1 or 2 years and was considered high end at the time of purchase (for example a gaming laptop or a laptop that has a dedicated GPU and a minimum of 16GB of RAM) then you can probably make do with what you have for video editing.
  • You travel a lot and your current computer is bulky and very heavy to take on your adventures. There really isn’t anything we can do to fix the size and weight issue, sorry.
  • Battery life – you need to use your computer all day off battery and want us to put a new wiz bang high capacity battery into your existing laptop. Unfortunately there typically just isn’t any way to add high capacity batteries to your current laptop. However if you were once getting a long life from your battery come in and see us, we can probably replace it with a new one and you can therefore keep your trusty computer longer.
  • Your computer has damage to hinges or some other damage that may cause it to fail very soon. For example hinges if damaged will typically get way worse and can be expensive to fix. Liquid spills that were not treated or repaired by us or another computer repair service centre.

There is so much e-waste now that it is always a good thing to keep computers in use as long as possible. The environment will thank you for it! Also, computers shouldn’t be like a subscription and empty your bank account of a thousand or so dollars every year or two.

Everyone hates paying subscription fees right? Best not to let you computer become a subscription service by not replacing it too often. If you aren’t sure if it is time to keep your Apple MacBook, iMac or Windows laptop then drop in during our opening hours (see our contact page) and we can often advise on the spot if you should head off to JB Hifi, Officeworks and so on to buy new or if you should book it in for an assessment.

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