Worlds thinnest phone! And its not by Apple.

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This phone is so thin that there is no where to put a headphone jack. Oppo have just released the worlds thinnest phone. You may not of heard of Oppo, however they are huge in China and parts of Asia.

So, just how thin is too thin? There seems to be a race between phone and tablet manufacturers to see who can make the thinnest products. Why? Who knows exactly. One can only assume that ‘thin’ sells. 

What is generally lost going ‘thin’? Well, battery life for starters. Durability, as noted with the latest iPhone 6 Plus and ‘bend gate’. So, for an extra 2mm I would rather have a stronger phone that can provide a few days of power! How about you?

As far as PC Medic knows Oppo phones are not officially available in Melbourne, Australia. On the repairability front, well the fact they are not available world wide says it all, parts will be very hard to come by, so for that reason PC Medic recommends sticking with phones from Apple, Samsung and Sony. Well for now anyway.