The DIY repairing of computers can be explosive

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You may of seen it on the news here and there, phones catching on fire, exploding batteries and severe burns from gadgets of all sorts with lithium-ion batteries. However, its now an issue with the common computer. First phones had batteries that were not removable and now most laptop computers, including Apple’s new Macbook Pro’s and most slim PC laptops have non-user removable batteries. To make matters worse these batteries are mounted internally using industrial double sided tapes making them very very difficult to remove.

Attempting to remove the batteries can be very dangerous and it is recommended that you do not attempt to do this as a DIY project in any way. But there is another major issue, electronics recycling facilities are finding it increasingly difficult to deal with these gadgets as removing the batteries by staff is an epic project in safety, training and safe storage and ultimately recovering the raw materials.

Let’s hope that manufacturers change their attitude towards the design of gadgets to better accommodate lithium ion batteries where no glue or tapes are involved. It can be done, they just have to be more responsible and think of the consumer and the planet rather than short term profits. User replaceable batteries will also allow consumers to keep their perfectly good gadgets much longer and therefore its good for their bank balance.

If your laptop battery is not working, low in capacity or just not charging to full capacity, PC Medic can perform battery replacements on Macbook Pro’s, Windows PC laptops and most Windows tablet PC’s.

The Washington Post has done an interesting article on this subject.