War on Waste looks at e-waste and why its better to repair

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War on waste ewaste abc computer repair
ABC War on Waste e-waste special. Repair computers not dispose.

War on Waste looks into the e-waste issues tonight, ABC at 8:30pm. Be sure to watch. Electronic waste is a huge issue since there is an endless upgrade cycle where what was new a year or two ago is considered old and outdated. Or for various reasons consumers are choosing to buy new items when their old items fail and warranty has run out. We’ll be watching tonight with great interest what War on Waste will have to say on this issue and report back here on our blog.

We here at PC Medic live for diverting e-waste from land fill. Of course in particular computers. Despite popular belief, most computers are highly repairable and can be renewed to near new condition. The best steps to avoid e-waste is reuse, repair and then recycle. Next time your computer is giving you trouble, be sure to come in to our service centre and have us check to see if its repairable and you’ll be doing your part for the environment and keeping your bank balance in your favour.

If you think your computer equipment is well beyond repair, please don’t throw it in the regular bin. If you are near Ringwood then you can take it to the Eastern Equipment Recycling Network. They will reuse as many components as possible or ensure that every part is correctly recycled. they are a not for profit. For other locations in Victoria, check out Sustainability Victoria, they have a locator for e-waste recycle depots and it can be found here.

Watch and follow here.