Australian Internet – Unnecessarily Slow?

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You’re watching a video or live stream online, and it’s constantly buffering or you’re having to watch what could be 4K quality in just 480p? Unfortunately this is the case for many average Australians, with excellent service often the exception.


The majority of Australians internet is still delivered via the ageing copper phone networks, which unfortunately keeps getting pushed as a modern network despite some of the copper cables quite literally decaying from corrosion. The network is so slow compared to international internet connections that it’s now a source of humour for both end users and advertisers who often advocate Fibre Optic connections. However while Fibre Optics have been proven to be a successful infrastructure option (such as Google Fibre) overseas, our Australian equivalents have been less than stellar.

The National Broadband Network or ‘NBN’ as it’s more commonly known was originally intended to be an Australia wide Fibre Optics network connection the majority of Australian homes to super high speed internet access (the remaining remote communities supplemented with super fast 4G internet coverage). However the initiative has been mired by politics, with compromised such as switching from Fibre to the Premise (where there’s fibre optics that go straight to your house) to Fibre to the Node (where the fibre only goes to a hub in the neighbourhood and existing copper runs from there to the home). Fibre to the Node was touted as a cheaper alternative that would provide similar speeds in a shorter time period. Unfortunately the process has neither been cheaper or quicker, and existing NBN users that got early access to the network have reported mixed results ranging from next to no network connection in extreme examples, to users experiencing speeds that are not much better than other ‘traditional’ means of internet connectivity.

The situation isn’t ideal, however we can make a difference – if this issue is important to you, contact your local Governmental representative(s), as when enough people want something and do something about it – real change can be made.
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