Tech vs Wild: Take Your Tech Further Than Ever Before

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Planning a trip abroad? Or just wanting that failsafe option to keep your devices on the go? These add-ons and accessories will help you get in touch with your adventurous side, whilst meeting your technology needs.

Trekking both locally and internationally have become increasingly more popular in more recent times. While that used to mean either leaving your mobile devices at home, or having no reception or power – not so anymore! These will make great last minute stocking fillers or late Christmas presents for you or your favourite tech guru.

  • Portable Power Packs: these mobile chargers such as the Belkin MIXITUP RockStar are a great option to have for day trips or even those times when you need a bit of extra juice for your Android or Apple smartphone on the go. Could be useful if you venture too far into the wild during pokemon go adventures, if your still into that.
  • Tough Phone Cases: while not necessarily the most glamorous case on the market – a good case like the ones from OtterBox can be well worth getting and may save your mobile device from costly damage!
  • Solar Charger: if your trip is a bit far from mains power – maybe harnessing the Sun will be the option for you with a solar charger, perhaps one like the Goal Zero Guide 10 – a charger that will top up your smartphone as well as much needed batteries for things like torches and cameras
  • Hydro Charger: solar power is great, but what if it’s overcast? That’s when you can break out something like the Estream – a power pack that you can submerge in moving water such as a nearby river or behind a kayak that you can use as a lamp or a charger. (Just be careful around any body of water of course)
  • Drones: Whilst they may soon be drone robot uprising, they have become a hot item for both kids, adults, and even professionals. There are many on the market at the moment, but a great option is the Phantom 3, perfect for getting those dynamic photos and videos to show off to your friends & family – or even scout out the route ahead! (Just remember to take care with drones, especially flying near people/power lines/roads/aircraft/etc.)

Many of these cool accessories are available locally at Eastland shopping centre in Ringwood or online. Stay safe this holiday period, and as always – if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to chat to us online or instore