Backing Up Part 3: Let someone else do it! – Cloud Backup

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Cloud backup has become much more viable over the last few years with the increase in internet speed and available bandwidth. The idea behind cloud backup solutions is that your data is uploaded over the internet to a server elsewhere in the world. Companies that offer this service usually offer it as part of a subscription package, pay a certain amount each month/year and get a set amount of storage on their servers. They will also provide you with some software for your computer to run the backup. Some of the more well known options include Appleā€™s iCloud, Amazon Cloud Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, DropBox and Backblaze. Some work more as an online file server for constant fast access to files on the fly, while some are based more around being a dedicated backup solution. For the more tech savvy person, Do-It-Yourself cloud solutions do exists, such as Bittorrent Sync. The big positive behind these solutions is the fact that there is a large company behind it with the infrastructure and safeguards in place to do a good job at keeping your data backed up offsite with little worry to the user.

When it comes to backup, there is no perfect solution. The best way to go is to have a mix of both local and cloud based backup. But whatever you choose, any backup is better than no backup.

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