Can The Raspberry Pi Replace A PC?

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Don’t be mistaken, I am not talking about replacing the family PC with a delicious baked good, but the single board computer that shook the world in 2012.

This question is often asked at both PC Medic stores in Melbourne with many customers thinking about opting for the $50 system due to its low price tag, green footprint and small form factor. While it is possible to replace that space hungry tower with this small little machine (its around the size of 10 credit cards stacked together) there are a lot of factors to take into consideration.

Firstly, the processing power of this little machine would not suit most home users for running internet browsers, office applications and playing media. This device is just not made for multitasking the software an average home user would utilise throughout their day to day life.

Another possible downfall is no Windows and a difficult setup. Unless you are well versed in the Linux Distributions and extensive lines of terminal code, you are going to have a lengthy learning curve and may need to allocate quite some time to get everything set up.

Last but not least, the unfortunate side of anything Single Board is the inability to upgrade the machine. Running a little sluggish and want to upgrade the Memory? Too bad. WiFi card fails and needs to be replaced? Be prepared to replace the entire unit when it fails.

While they have many great benefits for low cost education computers, and allowing programming and development, they don’t meet the requirements most users require. So what is the best option to replacing that big tower that’s staring back at you with something small, sleek and good for the environment?

Come down to PC Medic and have a chat to our technicians about our Small Form Factor (SFF) PC’s that run much more powerful Baytrail processors and have the ability to be upgraded in the future. While not quite credit card sized, they still conform to old saying ‘Out of sight, out of mind’. Our SFF PC’s are also extremely green often using only a few watts of power; using less juice means more savings on that rising electricity bill.

We can also take care of restoring your data and software so it looks and feels the same as the old machine.

For more information on just how the Raspberry Pi is being used as a super cheap reliable computer, follow the links below.

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