Think the good old PC is dead? Think again!

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Think the good old PC is dead? Think again! There are a lot of journo’s and bloggers writing about how the ‘Desktop PC is dead’ and usually reference how iPads are taking over the world. Well, Gaming PC’s are still king and are driving most of the sales for desktop PC’s in the consumer world. Not to mention they still rule the business world. Why are gaming systems killing off the gaming console? Well it boils down to a few points.

Key ingredient, Games!

There are not that many games out yet for the latest consoles, the Playstation 4 and the Xbox One. Some games will just never be released on these platforms either. So, for avid gamers this is bad news. Older console games generally are not available on the new consoles. No such problem exists with PC’s, almost all your old games will play. Secondly, hardware. With services like Steam, getting your hands on the latest and classic games for your PC is no longer a problem. We’ll discuss steam in future posts.

Graphics and Processor Power

While the latest consoles are very powerful indeed, they can’t be updated and thus have hard limits as to just how far developers can take them with 3D graphics and gameplay. PC’s on the other hand, power is generally limited to how deep your pockets are! Today, you can spend a similar amount to what it costs to buy an Xbox One or PS4,and build yourself a gaming PC that is just as powerful!

Repairs and Upgrades

Another huge bonus is the fact you can repair or upgrade a PC. This feature just doesn’t exist with consoles. Infact, when a console fails, its often relegated to the bin. Not good for your wallet and not good for the environment. At anytime you can upgrade your Graphics, Memory (RAM) and add huge amounts of storage!

So, you probably get our drift now. If you are into gaming, stick to the PC! You can still get some great gaming controllers, keyboards, headsets and other gear to trick out your setup. All PC’s have HDMI these days so hooking it up to your TV is no problems. Gaming PC vs Gaming Console, its a competition the console will never win. Happy Gaming!

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