Can’t find the eggs? Ask a robot

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We know the feeling all to well, the feeling of heading down to your local hardware store with that threaded bolt  or stripped nut and spending hours stumbling through the aisles and shelves looking for its replacement. Rejoice! As we could soon be asking friendly in store robots to locate products we need.

Working with Silicon Valley based Fellow Robots, US Hardware chain Lowes has just begun their first trials of the robot in their Orchard Supply Hardware stores, dubbed the OSHbot. An robotic store assistant or clerk that intends to help people locate products and speed up your projects or repairs. Equipped with a 3D sensing camera, 2 large screens and wheels so they can move around the store, OSHbot can answer questions (in multiple languages) and locate the products you need. Can’t remember if that bolt was an M3 or M4? Let OSHbot ‘see’ the bolt and it’ll direct you to the exact replacement. Not sure if they have the product? Ask OSHbot, if its not in stock it will search Lowes stores in the area to find it for you.

Never fear, these robots are not intended to replace human assistants, but to free up time for more important tasks such as complex questions, stock handling and the like.

This is truly a piece of ingenious technological development and we’ll definitely be seeing this expand over the next few years. Check out the video above and be sure to let us know how you feel about robots assisting us in our everyday tasks in the comments section below.