ABC iView Chromecast Support update for Android App!

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If you own an Android phone or tablet and was begging the ABC to include Google Chromecast support, well your in luck. Today ABC released their latest version of the Android iView app that now includes support for the Chromecast Dongle. So, if you own a Chromecast Dongle, then you can send from your phone or tablet any iView content straight to your TV for playing.

Apple IOS (iPhone and iPad) users have been lucky enough to have the iView Chromecast featre for a few weeks now. We are not sure why ABC chose to go with Apple first, but we suspect it is more technical related than favouring a particular platform. But, it was only a matter of weeks before Android users were given the same love, so thank you ABC!

Please remember that ABC iView Chromecast support is still in Beta stage, so you may experience issues. Indeed, testing the Apple IOS iView app with Chromecast revealed issues such as frame drops (jittery playback, possibly buffering issues) and loss of communication back to the tablet. However, it was still very usable.

My next request to ABC is to bring on HD quality video. With 4K Streaming already available on Youtube (mind you it will not work on Chromecast), ABC runs the risk of being left even furth behind if they do not offer HD on demand anytime soon. All in all though, great work ABC for making Chromecast support a priority!