Headphones that don’t cost the earth

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It seems headphones are all the rage lately. Their popularity is largely consumer driven, however there is more to it. Headphones, are a very popular product with big name electronics manufacturers as they can be mass produced cheaply and sold for a small fortune. Brands are now icons, such as Beats Audio. The industry is Huge and now worth billions of dollars as proven by Apple’s acquisition of Beats by Dre.

The downside to such a huge headphone market is that almost all headphones use low quality materials that literally cost the earth.

Have you ever thought about what headphones are made from? The packaging they ship with? Does any recycled content end up in the actual product? Well House of Marley does and they do it well. Their product are built with these issues in mind. They are made to be conscious of the environment and of high quality. Where possible they use recycled and natural materials. Recently I purchased for $59 their Positive Vibration headphones. To my surprise the sound they produce is excellent! I had to setup the EQ a little to increase bass and treble to get the right sound, but this is device dependent and could be just personal preference. Marley sell headphones right up to $299, so at that price I really don’t know just how much better they can get. I will not be spending that sort of money on headphones anytime soon, so I’ll be sure to test them out in store. The Marley headphones I purchased from JB Hifi. I honestly have no reason to recommend any other brand, for the House of Marley Headphones provide the best of all, Value, great quality and sound and all that with a lighter foot print on the earth.