How to save money on Power Bills in Australia

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So you’ve received your latest electricity bill and its huge and you are not happy. Understandable, electricity prices are going through the roof in Australia and people are wondering if their consumption has gone up or just the cost of power.

Well there is a way to keep real time tabs on your power usage. Companies like Efergy make displays and adapters that can tell you exactly how much power your entire home or office is using, or even individual appliances. Some of us here at PC Medic have them installed at home and find them very useful. If you have one, you will find yourself constantly checking your household usage and if you see a spike you are on a mission to hunt down the energy sucker and turn it off. The result, lower power bills.

Keep in mind, the ultimate way to keep your power bills super low is to use less power by utilising power efficient appliances. Research the power consumption figures or see if there is an Energy Star rating such as those found on fridges. Sometimes you have to dig deep to find an efficient appliance, but its worth it as you could saves hundreds if not thousands on your power bill. If you are buying a computer, consider the Intel NUC computers if you need a new desktop PC, or for laptops check out the models that have Intel Core M processors.