Cars of the future are here, and they are amazing!

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To a computer geek and long time tech enthusiast like me, it seems almost insane that we still fill up our cars with highly flammable fuel and use a fire under our front bonnet to propel our cars around. We have been doing this for around 100 years now. In every aspect of life we have seen how technology had advanced so much, computers that once would need a football field now fit in your watch. We can chat with video around the world with our loved ones and so much more, yet we still burn stuff to make our cars move. Kinda seems backwards hey? The technology is here, right now, to make all our cars electric. With the advent of powerful computers, super efficient motors and light weight batteries, electric no compromise cars are a reality.

The main propaganda against Electric Cars is range. Simply put, people get what is known as ‘Range Anxiety’, the fear they will be stuck in the middle of their journey and no way to return. Considering over 80% of trips (or more) are of less than 20kms per day, even the most basic of electric cars can cater for this. Elon Musk, creator and owner of the Tesla electric car from day one set out to fix this by building cars that can achieve distances similar to the petrol counterparts. 400km or more is not uncommon in his cars. He also setup right accross the USA (and soon Australia as well) a network of Super Charge stations that can do a 80% charge in 30 min. Oh and by the way, they are Free to all Tesla owners to ‘fill up’! Did I mention FREE!

There are so many benefits to owners of electric cars. They are incredibly reliable as they have so little in the way of moving parts. Ongoing maintenance costs should be super low, no oil to change, no seals to replace, no gearbox (on most electric cars) to maintain. Speed? Well electric cars have crazy amounts of torque and generally can perform better than the supercars that exist out there today. Now here is the best feature of all, and its kind wacky and hard to get your head around, your car will update itself just like your phone does. Clear. Nots so, Let me explain. Electric cars are heavily computer driven, they need software to run and teams of software engineers to program them to make sure your car runs smoothly and optimised. When a car manufacture finds a way to make your car run better, or just finds some software bugs to clear up, they can ship the update to your car wirelessly so that when your car next turns on your car is actually better than it was the last time you drove it! Ok, that may not excite everyone, but think about this, what if a car manufacture could wirelessly send an update that makes your car faster and you didn’t have to pay for this upgrade, you didn’t need to take it to the dealers workshop, you just simply woke up, hopped in your car and its faster. That exact scenario took place recently with Tesla P85D owners. Try that with your petrol car! With the old petrol car you must pay to get your car to go faster, you must take it to the dealer so you don’t void your warranty, leaving you out of pocked and without a car. Safety, well they are actually safer than petrol cars and they are getting safer every year.

Oh and if you have solar panels on your roof, you can fill up for free! Even if you don’t, green power options from your power company can ensure your car is truly a green machine.

The biggest setback for electric today is cost. The Tesla electric cars in Australian will set you back over $100,000. The Tesla is a model for all cars to aspire to as it is a no compromise car. There are the likes of the Nissan Leaf, but still you are up for $50k and its size is quite small. However, next time you need to buy a car, if you like what you read here, make a huge point about the fact you want an affordable electric car and hopefully they will pass that feedback onto the manufacturers. If the demand is there then there will be affordable electric cars with no compromises on the market. Charge stations will be everywhere and the air will be so much nicer to breath in the big cities.