Windows 10 and why you should be excited

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If you don’t know about it by now, then you aren’t reading enough geek news! Windows 10 will be upon us this July onwards. Most will be getting Windows 10 as a free upgrade! Well, that is if you currently have a computer running Windows 7 with Service Pack 1 or Windows 8.1. If your computer qualifies, you should have an icon in your task bar notifying you to reserve your free upgrade.

Just why should we all be excited by Windows 10? Well, we’ve already mentioned the first great feature, its Free to most! Apart from that it is cumulative of years of work by Microsoft to win you back once and for all. They’ve listened to criticisms laid at Windows 8 and rid it of the tiled home screen interface that most without a touch screen just didn’t like. So, the good old start button is back and a mighty update has been applied to it. So, the tiles are still there, but they are super easy to navigate and look amazing. If you like the start button of the past, Windows 10 should make you right at home. Apps that were found in the App store from Windows 8 can now be windowed, so they will appear just like you are used to with minimize and maximize abilities.

If you own multiple Windows 10 devices (PC’s, Tablets, Phones), you’ll find all your apps (designed for 10) will appear and run much the same on all devices. Install once, run on many. One operating system to rule all the devices will give Microsoft a clear advantage over Google’s Android and Apple’s OSX and IOS. Apple have OSX for their laptop and desktop computers and IOS for their iPad Tablets, iPhones, iPods and more recently the iWatch, two entirely different platforms where apps do not and cannot be used from one to the other. Google has Android and Chrome OS, once again two operating systems where only up until recently could not run each others apps. Chrome OS is very much an online only operating system where a full time internet connection is required for use and is very limited on apps. So, with Windows 10 you get the best of everything, apps you buy for it will be assured to work on most platforms and you can easily run all your old software that you love. Well done Microsoft for making this possible!

Windows 10 will amount to a speed and reliability boost for almost all computers. There will be some hiccups, mostly to do with drivers and some legacy apps which may cause issues, however more often than not there are ways to fix these problems or work around. PC Medic has been working with Windows 10 for some time now and can provide these solutions. So if you run into problems with your upgrade or installation of Windows 10, come in and see us, we are hear to resolve these issue promptly for you.