Most phones don’t have this killer feature

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Fairphone2 mobile phone

Meet Fairphone 2, the latest phone from the crew that brought you the world’s first ‘conflict free’ mobile phone. It has a feature that no other big phone manufacture can brag about. The original phone left a little to be desired. Yes, it did contain only parts that had components that were meticulously checked to ensure there were no components made from raw materials obtained from child labour and environmentally destructive methods. However, feature wise it was quite behind their competitors from Apple, Sony, Samsung and so on in terms of specification and also the fact it was locked in to older versions of Android. This made the phone very much redundant, not upgradable to work with the latest apps and IOT hardware, potentially turning the phone into a throw away item and moving their fans back to buying from the big name manufacturers once again.

The Fairphone team have taken all the feedback onboard and come out with an amazing version 2 of their phone. The phone is completely self repairable, so that gets a huge tick from us here at PC Medic. The components are still ‘conflict free’ so you can be happy knowing your phone hasn’t contributed to child labour, environmental destruction and slave like labour. While Apple and some other manufacturers are committed to ensuring their products are more conflict free, they still are far from perfect. You would also find that most phones by Apple, Samsung, Sony, Microsoft (Nokia) are barely repairable and certainly not user repairable. The Fairphone 2 has plenty of power with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 ARM processor, the same found on most high end phones today. This also ensures that well into the future Fairphone can release the latest editions of Android to their phone owners to keep them up to date. We must note, Apple do an excellent job at ensuring their latest iOS editions get rolled out to all their phones (where the hardware allows), but they are still hard and expensive to repair.

Ultimately, its hard to recommend a phone until its been reviewed, but this phone ticks all the boxes for us on paper. It looks great, components are sourced ethically, its built by a labour force that gets a fair deal in a safe working environment and you can be sure that parts are available and you can fix it yourself! Drop it, minutes later you can pop a new screen in and you’re on your way. Try that with your current phone! User replaceable parts is the feature no other phone can brag about.

The Fairphone 2 isn’t out yet, but it will be later this year. Be sure to consider this phone before buying an iPhone, Sony, Samsung, Microsoft or other phone.

You can find all the info on the Fairphone 2 here