Renewable Energy at the heart of PC Medic

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PC Medic has been powered by Renewables for some time now. We’ve always been buying green power from our old electricity retailer (one of the big four). We purchased 20% of our power as green power. In more recent years it’s become alarming to hear the big four are still investing heavily in non-renewable technologies that have been around for a century and causing massive amounts of greenhouse gasses. Being a technology company, PC Medic understands the technology behind renewables, it’s clean, the power from the sun is free and it’s tried and tested to supply a base load in many parts of the world. In Australia we have plenty of the right ingredients to make renewables a huge success, Wind, Sun and clever engineers that can make it happen.

There are so many benefits to renewable power sources its absolutely crazy to consider a future of coal and gas. So, last year we chose to go 100% green power supplied by Powershop. Powershop owns and operates renewable power generation facilities in Australia. They have embraced technology for not only power generations but also they have a very easy to use customer portal and phone app where you can buy power at the cheapest prices available that day. You can buy their green power or you can buy standard power (of the coal variety), however all standard power that is not from renewables, Powershop on your behalf, at no further cost, will purchase certified carbon offsets to ensure the carbon produced is sequestered at some point. However, please note, the only way to support renewable power generators is to actually buy 100% green power. This way the companies that have invested in Solar, Wind and other renewable power generation will get paid for what they produce.

So, next time you have your computer serviced, data recovered or come and see us in our nice warm (its Winter, not to worry, in summer it will be nice and cool) retail service centre, you can be happy to know by spending money with us you are not contributing to climate change.

Be sure to check out Powershop. They are an excellent Electricity Retailer. Just a tip if you go with Powershop, their prices per unit is made up of your daily charge, so to compare, take your current electricity bill and divide the total amount you must pay for that period and divide it by how many kilowatt hours you have been billed for. That is the amount per Unit equivalent to compare to the Powershop rates. You should find that the cost will be cheaper overall. We found that buying Powershop’s 100% green power costs us the same as normal power from our previous electricity retailer, so we’ve gone green all the way. Be sure to compare the same product, standard power or green power, whatever you have purchased and is billed on your invoice.

We are not affiliated with Powershop and we do not receive any commissions or discounts for this post. Sharing with our customers new ways to embrace technology is what our blog is all about and we are super impressed of how Powershop do business. Ok, we also admit we like playing with their app and looking a fancy power usage graphs in their customer portal. Its a geek thing.