Tesla electric cars are already old tech, meet the Solar Powered Cars of the future

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Stella lux electric car

PC Medic may have to start servicing electric cars! Its is inevitable that electric cars will be everywhere in a matter of years. Computer driven, high tech machines, just what we love here. What exactly will the future hold for electric vehicles? Here is a peek into what just may be the future for a modern electric car.

Tesla has done an amazing job of creating a vehicle that replicate and exceeds the capabilities of regular fossil fuel powered equivalents. The aim of Tesla was to bring a vehicle of no compromises, in fact driving anything but a Tesla you are making compromises, they managed to reverse the tables. Spec for spec comparisons, electric cars will win all the time. However, this isn’t the same for the Stella Lux, an electric car that has built in solar panels to charge its onboard batteries. But the team at Eindhoven University of Technology that designed Stella Lux didn’t build this car to be a direct replacement for todays modern vehicles, its not even available for sale. Its a stepping stone for development solar powered electric cars.

This car can travel over 1000kms on a single charge with 4 people on board! Now that is amazing! It can charge itself, albeit over quite a few hours, so that removes another problem people have with electric cars, range anxiety. But of course it is a very small car, odd shaped (hey I think it looks amazing!) and certainly slow to take off from stand still and slow top speeds by modern car standards. As for safety, who knows, but I suspect its safety rating would be terrible!

This is a development car, with each new version electric auto makers will be a step closer to making solar powered electric cars for sale a reality that are safe, fast charging and 1000 km or more range. Its just a matter of time. No more paying for petrol, low maintenance, travel anywhere, what more could you want. Wouldn’t that be wonderful?